ZXH-600 Ventilator


ZXH-600 Ventilator (Enhanced)


ZXH-600 ventilator (enhanced) is a pneumatic electric controlled ventilator. The instrument has more than ten kinds of breathing modes, which can be adjusted by tidal volume, breathing frequency and inspiration time. The parameters such as breath-hold time are used to rescue and treat patients. The instrument is suitable for: Respiratory, Anesthesiology, ICU and other departments. American ATMEL microprocessor, German Baode proportional solenoid valve as suction control valve, Japanese SMC electronic air oxygen mixer and other high-quality imported products, make the instrument more accurate, more reliable and more stable.

Breathing mode:


A / C: assisted controlled ventilation SIMV: synchronized intermittent controlled ventilation
PSV: pressure-supported ventilation SPONT: autonomous synchronized ventilation
MMV: instruction minute ventilation IPPV: intermittent positive pressure ventilation
SIGH: Sigh ventilation (deep breathing) PEEP: Positive end-expiratory pressure ventilation

Detection parameters:

Tidal volume (Vt), measured total frequency (ftot), autonomous frequency (fspont), minute ventilation (MV), respiration ratio (I / E, reversible ventilation), peak pressure (Ppeak), PEEP pressure, pressure waveform, Velocity waveform


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